The 17% pledge

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Our provincial and federal governments have committed to bring at least 17% of the landscape under conservation by 2020. With only four years left to reach the target, Ontario has just 12.4% conserved in the Great Lakes region, and most of that is concentrated in the north.

In this region, non-government land trusts have brought more ecologically sensitive land under protection than any other organization in the last decade, helping to protect more than 12,000 acres.

Local land trusts are a practical, cost-effective way to bring important natural areas under protection and hold them in trust for the public for today and for future generations.

We invite you to lend your support to the Couchiching Conservancy by adding your name as a supporter of our efforts to protect this region’s vital lands – lands that are threatened daily due to many human activities –urban sprawl, climate change, resource exploitation, and invasive species to name a few.

I believe land trusts such as The Couchiching Conservancy play a vital role in helping Ontario meet its 17% conservation commitment by 2020 and I support the Conservancy’s vision of a prosperous, healthy region laced with clean lakes and beautiful, interconnected natural spaces.

Take the Pledge

The movement is building momentum. Show your concern for our landscapes by taking the pledge. Use the buttons below to share the pledge with others!

As of August 14th, 2000 people have added their name in support of land trusts and the 17% pledge!