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The ins and outs of Conservation Easements

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The Couchiching Conservancy land trust is involved with land protection in three ways: We own the land, we partner with other organizations (for example, Ontario Parks, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ontario Heritage Trust) to acquire and manage the land, or we work with private landowners to protect their land using a conservation easement.

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Get outside…It’s time for a walk!

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We’d like to share with you three places to go in your own search for wildlife and other species. All of these suggested properties have walking trails established and the public is welcome to enjoy through passive nature appreciation.

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Birding: A Run-in with Double-crested Cormorants

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Double-crested Cormorants are anything but a pretty bird. They are prehistoric in looks and age, one of oldest bird species at about two million years. Painted images of them have been found in ancient North American caves and Egyptian tombs. There are about thirty Cormorant species throughout the world, the Double-crested are the only species in North America.