Get a jump on spring with these Volunteer Opportunities

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What better way to get back outside than to give time in support of conservation efforts? Learn about these great volunteer activities.

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2015_06_13_Ambassadors at Downtown Farmers MarketCommunity Ambassador

Our Ambassador team is expanding! You can play an important role in our conservation efforts by helping us to spread the word about the importance of protecting our environment.

What do Ambassadors do?

It’s simple. Ambassadors attend community events and visit properties to talk to residents and visitors about The Couchiching Conservancy.

What difference can you make as an Ambassador?

The more we talk about the importance of a healthy environment, the better chance to we stand in the future. Being an Ambassador is fun! You can contribute to building a network of people dedicated to protecting nature.

  • Meet new people
  • Attend great events in the community
  • Visit beautiful properties we help protect

Learn more about becoming an Ambassador

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Property Monitoring Team

Note:  As of March 10 ’17, all Property Monitoring Teams are full. Thanks to everyone who responded to our call-out!  As we acquire new properties, we will add Monitoring Teams.  We also plan to add some of our Easements in the near future.  To be on a waiting list, contact Dorthea and as new opportunities come up we will let you know  first-come, first-serve.  (705) 326-1620

The Couchiching Conservancy is currently responsible for the stewardship (care and well being) of over 34 properties (approximately 10,000 acres). Its a big job and we can’t do it without help from volunteers.

What will I be doing?

You will be assigned a permanent property to monitor, and make seasonal visits to the property with a teammate and a checklist of things to look for.  No experience necessary – training provided.

What difference will I make as a Property Monitor?

Regular monitoring keeps us informed about the condition of each property and helps ensure that those properties accessible to the public remain safe and well-maintained.  There is great satisfaction in helping monitor a property over time and seeing the positive effects of your management efforts. 

Read the job description and properties available here

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Water Monitoring Team

What will I be doing?

Water teams are trained to monitor water quality throughout the Couchiching Region from the Carden Alvar to Oro-Medonte Township.  They test for eight different water quality parameters including phosphorous, nitrogen, temperature, depth, and Ph.  Teams of two are assigned a permanent site and  collect water samples once or twice per  month in the spring, summer, and fall. Benthic kick-tests are taken annually at each site to monitor for benthic macroinvertebrates (bottom dwelling aquatic organisms visible to the naked eye with no vertebrae).  No experience necessary – training provided.

What difference will I make on the Water Monitoring Team?

  • Help us understand which streams flowing through our properties are clean and clear, and which are having problems.
  • Contribute crucial data to the study of climate change in our region
  • Contribute to our understanding of the aquatic species that inhabit our waterways. 

Read the full job description and sites available in 2017

View our flickr photo album