Five Fun Frosty Festivities You Can Do This Season

In Winter by couchiching

Winter is on it’s way, and to help you prepare we have five fun frosty festivities (say that five times fast) you can do.

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Cozy up with a Staff Pick

Staff at The Couchiching Conservancy love to indulge in good books and podcasts on different topics related to nature. But, why keep these great finds to ourselves when we can share them with all of you! Here are a couple of great finds you can cozy up with this winter.


American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West by Nate Blakeslee

Details the intricate & loving interrelationships that govern wolves in the wild.  From the opening description of the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park you’ll be hooked.  The best book I read in 2018, the audiobook was even better.” – Recommended by Dorthea

The Best Places to Bird in Ontario by Michael Burrell and Kenneth Burrell

It’s no secret: Ontario’s rich natural landscape and diverse wildlife provides some of the most exceptional birdwatching Canada has to offer, attracting thousands of bird-lovers each year.An insider’s guide to the best birding in Ontario, featuring thirty highly recommended sites.
 Recommended by Tanya

The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

“LOTR is an epic that explores many themes, not least living in harmony with nature vs exploiting nature. An essential read.”- Recommended by Courtney

. The Optimistic Environmentalist by David Boyd

Yes, the world faces substantial environmental challenges ? climate change, pollution, and extinction. But the surprisingly good news is that we have solutions to these problems. In the past 50 years, a remarkable number of environmental problems have been solved, while substantial progress is ongoing on others. The Optimistic Environmentalist chronicles these remarkable success stories. Recommended by Tanya.

The Once and Future Great Lakes Country by John Reilly

“An easy to read and comprehensive look at the ecological and societal development of our area. Starts from when the last glacier melted and ends with our plight with invasive species.  Uses Jesuit Relations and Champlain’s notes as base lines. A must-read for ANYONE interested in our history and/or land management.”- Recommended by Dave

On Fire by Naomi Klein

“Naomi Klein’s On Fire is a powerful read that explains the climate crisis in incredible detail as she focuses on where we went gone wrong and how we can move forward. Dorthea recommended this book to me. I’m only half way through and I’m in love! “- Recommended by Joelle

A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold

Yeah, this is old… but still has relevant land management ethics. A classic that newbies overlook.”– Recommended by Dave

Click here to find these books at the Orillia Public Library.


In Defense of Plants by Matt Candeias

Episode 232: The Plight of the Butternut

“Recommended to me by Phil Careless from Ontario Parks, this podcast works to cure ‘plant blindness’ and introduce some serious botany to the public. If you love plants give it a try.” – Recommended by Courtney

Click here to listen to this podcast.

Talking Tastebuds by Venetia Falconer 

Season 4 & 5

“In each episode, Venetia interviews an individual who has a love for food and the environment. She discusses topics such as zero waste, fast fashion, eco-anxiety, health and wellness, veganism and more. One of my favourite podcasts.”– Recommended by Joelle

Listen to this podcast here.

The Field Guides by Steve and Bill

Episodes 28, 37, 39, & 40

“Recorded outside on Bill and Steve’s field trips. This is a fun and easy listen and you’ll always learn something”– Recommended by Dorthea.

Find the podcast here. 

Attend the Orillia Fairgrounds Christmas Markets

What better way to celebrate this holiday season than by sharing love and support for your local community? On November 23, 30 and December 7, 14, and 21st Orillia Fairgrounds will be having Christmas Markets. Dozens of local artisans, artists, and farmers will be gathering together on these dates to bring you homemade gifts for your loved ones. The Ambassadors will have a Conservancy booth set up on December 14th. Stop by to say hi and learn how you can help protect nature in your community.

For more information about the Christmas Markets, click here!

Snowshoe at a Nature Reserve

It’s almost that time of year when you have to swap your hiking boots for your snowshoes. So many of The Couchiching Conservancy’s Nature Reserves are great for snowshoeing. Here are some of our supporters’ favourite spots:

Click here for more information on the properties above and for their trail maps.

Protect an Acre

Grant's Woods

The best gift you can give someone this holiday season is something that has meaning and a connection to that individual. Protect an Acre is a great option, and for $25 you can give your fellow nature lover the gift of protecting some of their favourite places in the region. Read more about how you can Protect an Acre here. 

Determine your Holiday Nature Name

Ever wondered what kind of holiday animal you would be? Here’s your chance to find out! Complete the sentence above by out your first name followed by the holiday name associated with the first letter of your name, followed by the animal associated with your favourite colour (e.g. Joelle the Joyful Snowbunting.)

Let us know what Holiday Nature Name you got by sharing on your your social media and tagging us!