2020 Nature-thon

Are you up for a challenge?

The Couchiching Conservancy's Nature-thon challenges you and your family to get outdoors and learn about nature, while helping to protect acres of wilderness. Between October 5th-9th, you will receive a fun new daily challenge to complete at a local nature reserve, green space, or from your backyard. 

Monday October 5th-Friday October 9th 



Goal of the Nature-thon...

To raise funds to help safeguard and steward over 13, 000 acres of important natural areas.

Learn about Nature on the trail or from your home! 

Each day during the Nature-thon, we will send you a new challenge with a different theme. Each challenge takes you outdoors to explore nature and learn about species through art, puzzles, and search and find activities. 

Complete the challenges at: 


Local Nature Reserves

Local Green Spaces

Your Backyard


How to take part in this event


Sign Up

$25 (one acre) donation per individual

$50 (two acres) donation per family

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How to Fundraise 

Fundraising for the 2020 Nature-thon is easy:

  1. Register for the event
  2. Create a fundraising page on Canada Helps (instructions provided once registered)
  3. Spread the word and share your fundraising page with your family and friends for them to sponsor you
  4. Start fundraising!

Individuals will receive a tax receipts for donations of $25 or more

Need some help to spread the word? Check out these 10 fundraising tips

Want to sponsor a friend or loved one? Click the link below! 

About this Fundraiser

Protecting Acres of Local Wilderness

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into protecting and stewarding just ONE acre of nature that The Couchiching Conservancy owns or helps manage. It costs around $25 to protect one acre of land for a year; that includes stewardship, maintenance, volunteer monitoring, and more. By raising funds for this event, you are helping to protect habitat in important ecosystems that supports hundreds of species, including ones at risk. 

Learn more about how the Conservancy protects nature here

How your support extends beyond the Couchiching-Severn Region 

By supporting this fundraiser, you are not only protecting the habitats and species in this area- your impact is much bigger. 

Have you ever heard the phrase "think globally, act locally?" Local land conservation is a perfect example. By working together to protect small parcels of land, we are protecting the trees that absorb atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, creating corridors for North American species to migrate, and are safeguarding areas of wilderness for future generations.

The more acres you protect, the bigger the impact you have. 

CO2 stat in the graphic is from Canadian Council of Forest Ministries. 

Click here to learn about the importance of your support

For every $25 you raise, you will receive a ballot to win one of these awesome prizes below!
Prize 1

Prize includes: Cabela duffle bag, dry bag, multi tool, and two headlamps.

Prize 2

Prize includes: Couchiching Conservancy t-shirt (adult), Couchiching Conservancy Little Sprouts t-shirt (child), pack of black cards, Species on the Edge guide book, and Conservancy car sticker.

Thank you so much to Cabela’s Barrie for supporting this event and providing us with some amazing prizes!