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Expedition Alvar: The 2017 Carden Challenge

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Just imagine the opportunity to embark on an environmental expedition that immerses you in the depths of wilderness, where you get to learn, explore, and engage with nature alongside like-minded people. A whirlwind “safari,” if you will, for 24 hours observing species at risk, breathing in fresh air, and taking immediate conservation action all while having fun.

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All You Need is an Hour on the Alvar

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It was October 1st, 2016, with one whole hour to spare before heading back to the campground just west of Carden, Ontario. I wondered where I should head out for a hike. Given the vastness of the near-by Carden Alvar landscape in terms of natural and recreational resources, I thought I would make a decision on-the-fly as to where to explore.

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Naturalist Gets Going

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Knowledgeable, passionate and ambitious are three champion terms that describe avid outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists. As a young naturalist who is continually developing new and existing skills, I have found that taking part in adventures and nature studies always pose tremendous learning opportunities. Approaching these with a positive attitude is key for personal development, but it is not always easy. Sometimes small bumps in the road can challenge you as you learn, but ultimately better you as an aspiring professional in the field of environmental conservation.