This 223-acre Nature Reserve is intersected by Boyd's Creek just north of the village of Washago and was donated in two sections. In 2007, Ms. Hope Smith donated 113 acres on the south side of Boyd’s Creek to the Couchiching Conservancy. In 2008, Stan Hope Smith donated 113 acres on the north side to Ontario Heritage Trust. This precious protected area is now known as the Alexander Hope Smith Nature Reserve, in memory of their grandfather.

The Reserve lies on a bed of exposed Precambrian granite rock. It is part of the Land Between, a band of granite and limestone plains that stretches across the southern Canadian Shield from the Georgian Bay to Kingston. Characteristic of this region are thin soils, rock outcrops, and lowlands of mixed forest and wetland. The Land Between is a hotspot for biodiversity, and this property provides vital habitat for species at risk. 

Visitors are welcome to walk the trails or canoe Boyd’s Creek.

Visit this Nature Reserve

A two kilometre trail follows Boyd's Creek over moderate terrain through the forest. Two granite lookouts are excellent for nature watching.

Directions to the trailhead begin in downtown Washago (corner of County Road 169 and Muskoka Street):

Drive north on Muskoka Street 1.7 kms to Cooper’s Falls Road; turn right onto Cooper’s Falls Road and travel 1.7 kms to Riverdale Drive; turn right onto Riverdale drive and travel 2.9 kms to the Property Sign on the right, just before the cul-de-sac. Park on the side of the road, NOT in the cul-de-sac.