Ron Reid Nature Reserve


Originally referred to as the Black River Wildlands, this 730 acre property with over 4km of Black River running through it is now protected in perpetuity. With support from hundreds of donors, including a major contribution by the Government of Canada through the Natural Areas Conservation Program (NACP), The Couchiching Conservancy was able to secure the property. The funds raised covered the price of the property, legal and appraisal costs, and a stewardship endowment fund that will ensure the organization can permanently care for the property.

The property is one of several private parcels inside the boundaries of Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park. The region provides habitat for several species listed by SARA (Species at Risk Act) including: Blanding’s turtle (Endangered), snapping turtle (Special Concern), eastern hog-nosed snake (Threatened). In addition it is home to Ontario’s only lizard, the five-lined skink (Endangered), and numerous at-risk bird species.

At the March 2018 Annual General Meeting, we shared the new name of this property – the Ron Reid Nature Reserve. Ron is one of the founders of The Couchiching Conservancy and has made countless contributions to the land trust movement in Ontario and beyond.