Wolf Run Alvar


Acquired in 2010, this 303 acre (122 ha) property located in the northern portion of the Carden Township, is a mix of wetlands, alvar and forest. The property, which is owned and managed by The Couchiching Conservancy, adds a significant new dimension to our protected natural areas within a specially designated Area of Natural or Scientific Interest (ANSI).

Wolf Run Alvar contains several types of globally rare grassland and shrubland alvars. Several rare species have been found on the property including butternut trees. The extensive wetlands also perform a vital role in recharging groundwater in the limestone bedrock, via small streams flowing down cracks (called grykes) around the wetland edge.

Visit this Nature Reserve


Although difficult to enter, the property can be accessed through an unopened road allowance via Wolf Run Lane. From Orillia, take Highway 12 south and turn left onto Rama Road. Next make a right turn onto Monck Road and drive east past Sebright. Make a right onto Lake Dalrymple Road and drive south until reaching Wolf Run Lane where you turn left.


Wolf Run Lane is rough and requires a vehicle with high clearance. The road dead-ends at a parking area. Enter on foot through a private gate (ensure gate is closed and latched behind you); do not follow the obvious lane, as it is on private lands, but rather swing slightly west to pick up the trail that will take you southwards on the unopened road allowance for 1 km to the edge of Wolf Run Alvar.

There are no trails or markers within the property. Use at your own risk. Take water and have a GPS unit that you can operate.

Stewardship Walk Video – November 2014