Deadman Conservation Easement


This property was designated Conservation Land in the spring of 2015, thanks to the foresight and thoughtfulness of owner Sue Deadman. The 100-acre parcel, situated in Severn Township, contains wonderful examples of Canadian Shield rock land, red oak and sugar maple forests, black ash wetlands, and former agricultural fields; a total of ten different vegetation communities are represented.

The Deadman property lies between the nearby Matchedash Bay Provincially Significant Wetland and the Purbrook Swamp Provincially Significant Wetland, connected in part by Bear Creek. There are seven species at risk that have been documented as living here, including bobolink, Eastern meadowlark, whip-poor-will and barn swallow. Mammals which require large areas of range land, such moose, black bear and white-tailed deer, have been noted on this property.

This easement is on private land, and as such cannot be accessed by the general public. However, local naturalists’ clubs have been invited to visit as part of their field trip program.