Acres: 729

Status: Open to the Public, with Trails

Protected: December 15, 2017

Donors: our supporters!

Landscape: Black River Wildlands

This property, with over 4 kilometres of the Black River running through it, came under permanent protection in 2017. Hundreds of donors quickly rallied to ensure we could purchase the property, including a major contribution by the Government of Canada's Natural Areas Conservation Program. The funds raised will ensure the organization can care for it permanently. Ron Reid is one of the founders of The Couchiching Conservancy and our first Executive Director.   He has made a lasting contribution to the land trust movement in our region, in Ontario, and beyond.


Unique features:

  • Surrounded by Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park.
  • Habitat for numerous Species-at-Risk.
  • Home to Ontario's only lizard, the Five-lined skink (Endangered).
  • Recreational opportunities include a walking trail to Ragged Rapids, and excellent canoeing on the Black River.

Visit this Nature Reserve:

The pinned location below indicates the Reserve sign. To get to the trail head, keep driving along Black River Road (about 3.5km) - you will pass by a sandy parking area on the right (river side), a forested area and an open field area with a small cabin/structure. The trail parking area is on the right. The trail is marked and 900 meters down to Ragged Rapids. FYI there is another trail that connects to the base of the rapids, but that is private property.

Rosebush Landing

The second map is Rosebush Landing, named for Joan & John Rosebush who were major contributors in the fundraising campaign to purchase this nature reserve, and are long-time supporters of the Conservancy. 

There is a winch and a ladder (we recommend climbing down with your face towards the bank) to give you easier access to this beautiful river.