Matchedash Wildlands


This area spans from Lake Couchiching  to Georgian Bay, taking in many important waterways and protected areas.

Ecotone connection

The Land Between is an ecotone – an area of transition between the Canadian Shield and the St. Lawrence Lowlands stretching across south-central Ontario from Georgian Bay to Kingston. It holds astounding biodiversity, with shield and lowland species converging. Small lakes and wetlands between dry, open granite ridges; a border of limestone plains; and patches of cool shaded forest – these are the patterns of this unique ecosystem, which begins in the north-east section of the area covered by The Couchiching Conservancy. The Conservancy was a founding member of a collaborative which has worked to raise knowledge and awareness about this unique area of the province. Most recently, The Land Between became a stand-alone organization dedicated to promoting conservation, education and research in the ecotone.

Nature Reserves (NR) in this Area:

  • Severn Woodlands NR
  • Roehl Wetland NR
  • Agnew NR
  • Fawcett NR
  • Butler Wetland NR
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