Acres: 492

Status: Not Open to the Public

Protected by: the Nature Conservancy of Canada in 2008; the site is co-managed with The Couchiching Conservancy

Landscape: Carden Alvar


Female Bobolink

Landscape & Species:

McGee Creek meanders through the parcel and becomes part of the extensive Sedge Wren Marsh provincially significant wetland complex.

The neighbouring properties are Cameron Ranch and MacDonald Nature Reserve, both now part of the Ontario Parks Carden Alvar Provincial Park. The Margo Holt Nature Reserve has recently been acquired by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and is now attached to the McGee Creek property. Other neighbouring rural properties are privately owned, one of which is under a conservation easement.

The habitat diversity is amazing, with 32 different plant communities being identified with the Ecological Land Classification system. Wetland areas include swamps and marshes, while uplands range from hardwood and conifer woodlots to open plain alvar types. Provincially and nationally rare species are found within this property.

Located beside Kirkfield Road (County Road #6), the property touches the road in two areas. Public access is difficult due to narrow road shoulders for parking and unmarked trails. Partial access is available via the nearby Cameron Ranch walking trail which transects a portion of McGee Creek and Cranberry Wetlands.