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Saving Our Precious Natural Spaces

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Washago is lucky to have two large nature reserves owned by The Couchiching Conservancy in the vicinity. A second spot on the south side of the Trent-Severn Waterway gives residents another oasis: the Thomas C. Agnew Nature Reserve. Again, when you set foot on this property, you’re touching not only a lovely landscape, but a big idea.

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A local conservation hero: Ken Thomson

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Ken was a founding member and an early president of the organization. He has worked tirelessly for the conservancy as a volunteer since it began in 1993. If you have walked over a bridge on one of our properties, or taken a moment to look at a sign, you’ve experienced some of his work first-hand.

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Setting Our Sights on Ramara Township

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Ramara is rich in both wetlands and farmlands; two land features the Couchiching Conservancy has placed a priority on preserving. The farmlands of Ramara provide an important niche for provincial species at risk–grassland birds such as Bobolink, Meadowlark, and Barn Swallow. The wetlands are some of the most productive habitat in our region.

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Into the minds of birds and birders

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It is estimated there are over 50 million people in North America alone who consider themselves bird watchers! This group is made up of casual bird watchers–people who may know a few local species, to the professional birder who make serious study of birds and their behaviour.

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Balsam fir; Not just a tree for the festive season

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Forested areas in our region contain a wide variety of majestic deciduous and coniferous trees. As you travel further north in Simcoe County, the forest type shifts as you get closer to the Canadian Shield. You will begin to notice that there are more conifer trees, especially the common, yet important, balsam fir.