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Mark Bisset

Executive Director

Contact me about land protection and acquisition, financial info and questions about strategy.

Courtney Baker

 Administrative Assistant

Contact me about general inquiries, booking spaces, exploring options to protect your property, and the Wine Club! If you aren't sure who to talk to, talk to me first. I will put you on the right track.

Tanya Clark

 Fundraising & Engagement Manager

Contact me about donation options such as Membership, Monthly Giving, Stock Donations, Heartwood Fund, Corporate Partnerships, fundraising for nature and more. I also coordinate the Carden Challenge. If you haven't received your charitable receipt for your donation, I can help with that too.

Samantha Vessios

 Engagement Organizer

Contact me about taking your first step towards protecting precious nature in our region. I support new volunteers with their application process, coordinate the Ambassador Program, and Passport to Nature Program.


Dorthea Hangaard

Conserved Lands Manager

Contact me for help if you're one of our neighbours, if you have an easement with us, or you're an organization we partner with.

I'm also responsible for supervision of the stewardship team, fundraising, grant administration, habitat offset projects, and communications related to stewardship of our nature reserves. 

Toby Rowland

 Conservation Biologist

Contact me for help with your community science monitoring activities including Bats, Reptiles, Salamander & Vernal Pools, the Carden Bird Blitz, and the Grassland Bird monitoring program.

I provide training and field orientation, and also help private landowners establish community science monitoring on their property through our Landowner Stewardship program.

Aiesha Aggarwal

 Conservation Analyst

Contact me for help with the Avenza Mapping app, and community science monitoring activities including Frog Calls, Monarch Monitoring, Water Monitoring, and Wildlife on Roads.  

I provide training and field orientation, and make maps to support acquisition and stewardship of our nature reserves, including our public trail maps.

Brandon Guoth

 Reserve Steward

Contact me for help with property maintenance issues and our invasive species control program. I coordinate the Land Steward and Maintenance teams.

Alysha Henry

Stewardship Assistant

Alysha works on education materials regarding trail etiquette, and coordinating both the Monarch Monitoring Program and Wildlife on Roads through the fall and winter.

Carden Coordinator
Ron Reid


Terry-Lynn HazletT


Carden Grassland
Bird Monitoring
Ginny Moore