Walk Wylie – Sat, May 27

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Be a part of the Walk Wylie, and learn about one of the key areas we work to protect.

This event is open to all ages, young and old – you don’t have to be a birder to take part either. All knowledge levels are welcome! We’ll have some resources available to you to help you learn about the many, many birds that rely on the alvar.

The goal of Walk Wylie is simple:

Raise funds to support the stewardship of Carden’s alvar and habitats by walking on Wylie Rd and challenging yourself to learn about this globally rare area and the species that rely on it.

Lunch is provided by Fowler’s Construction to all participants who register in advance.

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Do the walk anytime between 8am – noon. Check in at the registration table (at Bluebird Ranch) before you get started and make sure to check out (at Ron & Janet’s cabin at noon or at the Registration table before then). If you want to stick around for lunch – free to people who register before May 19 – there will be a wrap up with all “walkers” to talk about what they saw, what they learned, etc. We’re sure there will be some laughs shared too!

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Want an even bigger challenge?

Consider taking part in the
Carden Challenge, a 24 hour birding and biodiversity marathon


The Carden Challenge is also taking place the same weekend, so you’ll meet those participants at the cabin during lunch.

If you are fundraising to help support our conservation efforts, please bring all forms and funds the day of the event.

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Walking Distances:

  • Walk to the Cabin: 1.15km – 16 minutes – 1,500 steps
  • Walk to Box 10 & the Bird Blind: 1.85km – 26 minutes – 2,480 steps
  • Walk to Sedge Wren Marsh: 2.6km – 38 minutes – 3,590 steps

The distance you walk is up to you!

Register for the Walk by May 19th, and you can have a free lunch, provided by Fowler’s Construction (hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, drinks – thanks Fowler’s!)

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Ian Darwin - Dragonfly

Resources & Links:

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Walk Participants

Jane and Gordon Ball

Marilyn Clark and Peter Hayward – support these walkers

Jamie Powell


(more to be added as they register!)