The Spirit of Giving: Mark Bramhall

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Every year, concerned citizens donate to the Conservancy to help protect nature. For the next few weeks, we are featuring some people who have taken fundraising into their own hands.

If you have met Mark before, you know his wit, great smile and love of a good time. He first got connected to the work of the Conservancy in 2015 when he gifted a membership to his wife, Courtney. From there, he has done more and more to help protect the forests, wetlands and alvars in our area (partially because Courtney now works for the Conservancy!).

This November, he decided to combine a personal challenge with a fundraising initiative. Known as “No Drink November”, Mark set up a GoFundMe and asked his friends for donations to support him in his efforts to abstain from any alcohol while also raising money for something he cares about.

“I am raising money for the Couchiching Conservancy, a Land Trust that works to protect the environment in and around where we live. All money raised will go to helping the environment, and I will also throw in the money that I would have spent on beer!”

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