Welcome Back

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We are so glad you are here!

We have gathered up some information and resources for you as we re-open the Nature Reserves.

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Guidelines for Trail Use:

  1. If the parking area is at capacity, please come back at another time or visit another trail.
  2. Please keep at least a six foot distance between you and others that you don’t live with.
  3. Stay on the trail – the plants on the forest floor matter!
  4. Don’t allow your dog to make contact with others. This is not an off leash dog park – please keep them on a leash. This really matters. Please respect other trail users.

Our facilities remain closed but the trails are open.

Nature Reserves that are open to the public and have established trails:

  • Grant’s Woods
  • Carthew Bay Reserve
  • The Church Woods
  • Thomas C. Agnew Nature Reserve
  • Alexander Hope-Smith Nature Reserve
  • Adams Nature Reserve
  • Kris Starr Sanctuary
  • Ron Reid Nature Reserve

Go to the Properties page and click the name of the Reserve for information and trail maps. Apologies that the Google Maps are not all functioning properly, but directions are included.

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Since you are here, we know that nature matters to you. If you are not already one of the thousands of people who help make protecting these Reserves possible, please consider supporting our work by donating today.

Did you know, a $25 donation helps the Conservancy to care an acre of wilderness. For example, Grant’s Woods Nature Reserve is 52 acres and has over 4 km of trails. Thank you for helping protect this place and others!