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Mourning Doves: our year-round visitors

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Although we do have many different species of birds visit us all winter long, we can always depend on three species to stay around our property year-round: White breasted Nuthatch, Black-capped chickadee and one other favourite, especially in the winter, The Mourning Dove.

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Scarlet Sumac Comes in Two Forms

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On the Carden Alvar, a different form of sumac takes over where the thin soils over limestone bedrock create more difficult growing conditions. Fragrant sumac, as its name suggests, releases a pleasant citrus-like aroma when its young leaves are crushed. This species turns red in the autumn as well, but a somewhat softer, rosier shade than its staghorn cousin.

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And here’s to the next 20 years…

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More than 150 people joined us at the HawkRidge Golf Club on January 26th to renew memberships, see old friends, and hear about the past year of activities. We got down to business with the highlights of the 2011 AGM, the President’s Remarks and the Treasurer’s Report. This is a big year for the Conservancy, as it is our 20th Anniversary! It is incredible how much has changed over the years.

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Natural Habitat Protected in Washago area

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The waterways associated with the village of Washago have seen development pressure over the past several decades. However, a relatively large block of natural habitat is still intact in the area bounded by Riverdale Drive, between the Green River and Cooper’s Falls Road. This area includes a diversity of ecological communities typical of the southern Shield, as well as habitat for several species at risk.