When we Love Nature, she Loves us Back

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Valentines Day; not everyone loves it, but for me it’s always been a good excuse for celebration and theme-based chocolate. From exchanging little cards with my friends in school, to roses, dinners and ‘Galantines’ as an adult. I can think of no notion more worthy of celebration than love.

As a Conservancy member, not cupid, I can assure you that all humanity shares a special love, so special it is imprinted in our DNA. It is so deep and enduring it has inspired artists and philosophers since the dawn of civilization. The love I speak of is the love of nature and it lives in all of us, whether we engage with it or not.

When we take the time to love the land, it shows its loves right back. In summer I tend a garden full of native plants, and am rewarded with beautiful butterflies. In winter I feed the birds and even on the darkest of days I am comforted by colourful plumage. It is especially easy to celebrate nature’s beauty when you visit any of The Conservancy’s nature reserves; breathtaking forests, wetlands and alvars, full of life, melt stress and restore our resilience for whatever may lie ahead.

When you feel the your love of nature it nourishes you down to your core and if you embrace it you can become your most balanced self. Regrettably, when life gets in the way, if you are too busy, or overwhelmed it can weaken your connection. If you need some tips to help you restore your connection to nature allow me to make a few suggestions.

If you need some tips to help you restore your connection to nature allow me to make a few suggestions.

I find the simplest way to connect to nature is to look out your window. Hopefully you will have enough of a view to see the sky, the clouds, and perhaps even birds. These are symbols of freedom in literature that allow even the imprisoned to foster deep wells of hope. It is a great start to remembering you are lucky enough to live on a beautiful, biodiverse planet.

If you’ve got that down and you thirst for more, the next step is to get outside! Sit outside your front door, or wander a local park. Feel the crisp air, and watch the glint of sunshine on ice that is akin to living poetry.  

If you want to dive deeper still, and you are able, get out in wilderness. Embrace your wild side by visiting a Conservancy Nature Reserve (you can find directions on our properties page). I promise you will feel that deep connection to the Earth I have been talking about. When you feel your love of nature rekindled you are welcome to reciprocate by donating or becoming a Couchiching Conservancy member (here!). This way you are actively safeguarding our birthright for the next generation.

One final step you can take, is to celebrate your love of nature by attending this year’s Annual General Meeting. On Saturday March 5th Conservancy supporters will celebrate our achievements from the past year, including the creation of several new Nature Reserves, and enjoy hearing from guest speaker Julia Zarankin. To register for the meeting, or learn more please visit our AGM Page.

So, look out that window, get outside, participate, and remember; when you love nature she loves you back; even if you forget to send her valentine!

Courtney Baker is the Administrative Assistant at The Couchiching Conservancy, protecting nature for future generations.