Acres: 32

Status: Open to the Public, no Trails

Protected: August 24th 2001

Donors: family of Ross E. Butler

Landscape: Matchedash Wildlands

Set back from the Severn River near Sparrow Lake, this 32 acre property was donated to the Conservancy by the family of Ross E. Butler in 2001. The protection of this land was a long held dream for Ross. This reserve offers scenic rolling landscape that is typical of the gneissic rocklands of the southern Canadian Shield, along with a boggy wetland.

Butler Reserve

Landscape and Species:

  • Proximity to Crown Land provides connected habitats for native flora and fauna;
  • Treed areas of white pine and both red and white oaks, with areas of open bog;
  • Home to the rare and protected Massasauga rattlesnake;
  • Part of the Severn River corridor, internationally known for its rare plants including Atlantic Coastal Plains flora.

Best time to visit: early summer, but be prepared for bugs!


This nature reserve is located in Severn Township on Orimat Road, which is a private cottage road. To walk in, park in the lot at the corner of Torpitt Road and Orimat Road, and walk up Orimat Road for approximately four kilometres. At around the two kilometre mark you'll see signs for another Conservancy nature reserve, Roehl Wetland. keep going and look for Couchiching Conservancy signs.

A parking pass is required and must be placed in the dash of your vehicle. Please contact staff to obtain your pass before visiting.