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The elusive Red-headed Woodpecker

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The Red- headed woodpecker is a striking bird with a bright red head, contrasting blue/ black back and primary wing feathers and white breast and secondary wing feathers. It exhibits similar behavioural characteristics of all woodpeckers such as flight and tree climbing pattern. It is that solid bright red head that makes it easy to distinguish it from other members of the woodpecker family.

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Choosing Who to Believe on Climate Change

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One of the frustrations of the modern information society is the barrage of conflicting opinions put forth on almost any topic, from dieting to world peace. It is often difficult to decide which information to believe. Nowhere is that more evident than on the subject of climate change, where high-profile columnists continue to routinely insist that “there is little or nothing to be alarmed about”, based on their contention that the Earth has not warmed in nearly two decades.