Find the magic in Grant’s Woods

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I once had someone describe Grant’s Woods to me as magical. We were talking, and I was explaining that the trails and property were closed due to the office renovation. I provided alternative places to visit, and their response was that they particularly missed walking at Grant’s Woods because there is a special magic about the forest.

That statement has lingered in my mind for a while now. I’ve certainly experienced the magic of this property. The 4km of trails are surrounded by a sea of green this time of year, with sunlight streaming through the canopy creating shadows dancing slowly on the ground. It’s a quiet place, save for the sound of the wind and bird songs.

The staff and Board of the Conservancy are happy to share that the property and trails are now open again. Since late last summer, the property has been closed to the public because of the office renovations. Made possible by Ontario Trillium Foundation and a bequest from Bill Grant who also donated the property, the renos are almost complete! The office has undergone a complete transformation, making us greener and preparing us to meet the future.

There are still a few construction activities and we expect to close the trails at least once more, but otherwise, the trails are here for your enjoyment. Don’t forget, if you are bringing your dog, please keep it on a leash. Recently, the solar panels were installed and hooked up, and the exterior board and baton was installed. We will soon be benefiting from the power of the sun! For updates on the property, please visit our website or Facebook page.

Grant’s Woods is one of 44 properties that The Couchiching Conservancy helps to protect. It was donated by Bill Grant, who had the simple desire to protect the forest that he and his family loved. He wanted people to have the opportunity to love and enjoy the forest as much as he did. In 2004, the home that he lived in was converted into the office and opened to the public. For over twelve years, the property has brought joy to residents and visitors. To some, it is a ‘best kept secret’ just outside of Orillia. For others, it’s a place to disconnect and get in touch with nature. Either way, it’s certain that Bill Grant’s legacy continues on.

The Couchiching Conservancy is able to care for these properties because of generous support from nature lovers and those concerned about the future of our landscapes. On-going donations are vital to our success – we are a non-government agency and rely on members and donors help us to care for Grant’s Woods and other properties.

You can help us to protect the magic of Grant’s Woods. Become a member today.

Tanya Clark is the Development Coordinator at The Couchiching Conservancy.