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Box 704
Orillia, Ontario  L3V 6K7     Canada

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1485 Division Road West
Orillia, Ontario  L3V 0X6     Canada

Executive Director – Mark Bisset


What I love about working at the Conservancy: The privilege of doing work that is aligned with my personal values.

Indulgence: boats and sailing magazines

What I wanted to be when I was a kid: Explorer

When you’re not at the Conservancy, what do you do with your time: Mess around in sailboats, canoe, camp, cycle, garden, read, ski, snowshoe, swim, weep for the Toronto Maple Leafs and occasionally build things that refuse to be level.


Administrative Assistant – Courtney Baker

Contact me about: general inquiries, booking spaces, exploring options to protect your property, and the Wine Club! If you aren't sure who to talk to, talk to me first. I will put you on the right track.

Indulgence: Giving sugar to my nieces and nephew and watching mayhem ensue.

What you love about working for the Conservancy: Everything! It is my dream job, and the conservancy community is smart, fun, caring, laid back and unstoppable. Our supporters and volunteers inspire me every day.

Favourite Nature Reserve: I could never choose. They each have a beating heart, they are all beautiful and precious.


Development Coordinator – Tanya Clark


Contact me about: exploring your donation options such as Membership, Monthly Giving, Stock Donations, Heartwood Fund, Corporate Partnerships, fundraising for nature and more. I also help coordinate the Passport to Nature program and Carden Challenge. You can also talk to me about our Website, Communications and more. If you haven't received your charitable receipt for your donation, I can help with that too.

I have been with the Conservancy since: November 2012

What I love about working here: The passion. People are very passionate about protecting nature and it is great to see their dedication.

Favourite place: Thomas C. Agnew Nature Reserve near Washago. A lovely walk along the Trent-Severn Waterway, and into the woods of Agnew. Beware of mosquitoes though!


Engagement Coordinator – Joelle Burnie

Contact me about: how to take the next step in helping to protect nature in the region. I support new volunteers with their application process and coordinate the Ambassador Program. I also coordinate events such as the Nature-thon and assist with the Passport to Nature program. My other roles include supporting landowners in the Landowner Stewardship Program and communications. 

What you love about working at the Conservancy: working with the incredible staff and supporters. Seeing the power of community and how it leads to collective action.

Favourite nature reserve: Adams Nature Reserve. The small pockets of Canadian Shield are stunning and the beaver ponds are filled with life!

Stewardship Team


Conserved Lands Manager – Dorthea Hangaard

Contact me about: our plan for stewarding Conservancy nature reserves and easements including our Citizen Science Stewardship Program. I'm here to help Frog Call Monitors, Land Stewards, Plant Monitors, and Water Quality teams with your activities. Stewardship fundraising, grant administration, publicity and communication, and community partnerships are all on my beat.  Special Project:  Sundial Creek




Ecologist – David Hawke

Contact me about: Nature Reserve & Easement stewardship and monitoring including maintenance issues , invasive species management and training, habitat offset projects, lease agreements,  Property Management Plans, and general ecological support.




Citizen Science Coordinator –  Toby Rowland


Contact me for help with your citizen science monitoring activities including Bats, Reptiles, Salamander & Vernal Pools, the Carden Bird Blitz, and Whip-poor- will monitoring.  I provide training and field orientation and also help private landowners establish citizen science monitoring on their property through our Landowner Stewardship program.  




Carden Coordinator – Ron Reid

If I could change the world: I would have every one of us wake up to the real and present danger posed by climate change.

Your perfect day: Exploring a pristine stream by canoe with Janet, on a perfect sunny and bug-free day.

First job: Scrubbing ponds and feeding ground liver to trout at a fish hatchery

Before working at the Conservancy: A natural heritage consultant for 20 years

What you love about working at the Conservancy: The feeling of being able to make tangible accomplishments in protecting nature. Meeting people of all sorts, finding innovative ways to make projects happen

Favourite place in the Couchiching region: Granite barrens south of Severn River

What has been your most rewarding experience at the Conservancy so far? Bringing Grant’s Woods into our ownership, and converting the house to office space.

When you’re not at the Conservancy, what do you do with your time? Birding, canoeing, building birdhouses.