Reporting Back Form: How it Helps


The Reporting Back Form is a simple document that helps us know how your day went at an event. It asks questions about how many people you spoke to and what you talked about, and a simple as it is, it is essential to us.

Here are a few quick points that outline how it helps:

  • It lets us know if you spoke to 5 or 50 people at en event helps us determine the event was successful for us and worth returning to next year.
  • You can let us know if anything is ‘missing’ from the bin. It saves time doing an ‘inventory’ before the next team member goes out.
  • The form also helps us to consistently and efficiently record volunteer hours.
  • It is a great tool for us to use when we speak to funders. We no longer have to estimate how many people we spoke to about conservation at events, we can give them a hard number!
  • You can provide us with feedback about your experience.

With your help we can become better and stronger through every event we attend.

Thank you so much for volunteering with us and giving us the opportunity to grow.

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