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What Drives Your Pride for Nature?

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In Canada, carrying the legacy of nature conservation into the future is often associated with having a strong sense of national pride. Having recently celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada, it’s time to reflect on the beauty of nature in your neck of the woods in a bigger effort to celebrate what makes us Canadian.

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Helen M. Butler Reserve; rugged beauty

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Set back from the Severn River, this 12 hectare (30acre) property was donated to the Couchiching Conservancy was donated in 2001 by the family of Ross Butler in his memory. The protection of this land was a long held dream for Ross. Together with surrounding Crown land, it will help to ensure that cottage country always has the wildlife that makes it so special.

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Nature’s Rugged Canvas — The Canadian Shield

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Rocky outcrops, dark blue lakes, and dense forests; it’s no wonder that members of the famous Group of Seven artists chose locations on the Canadian Shield for their masterpieces.

The Canadian Shield, also known as the Precambrian Shield, covers almost half of Canada and reaches as far south in our region as the Severn River corridor.

During the last ice age, about 15,000 years ago, huge glaciers scraped the land pushing topsoil and rocks hundreds of kilometres south, leaving exposed bedrock, large hollows in the surface and very little topsoil.