Roehl Wetland Reserve

Roehl Wetland skink

In 1995, Bill and Dave Darker donated this 29 hectare property in memory of their grandparents. This scenic site is bisected by Deadman’s Creek, which flows into Deep Bay on Sparrow Lake. This part of the Trent-Severn Waterway is one of the richest areas in Canada for aquatic plants.

Unique features:

  • a series of beaver ponds along Deadman’s Creek maintains rich wetland habitats
  • community of aquatic plants includes pond weeds, water lilies, Bladderwort and Water Milfoil
  • adjacent rocky upland has open areas and forests of White Pine, Red Maple and Red Oak
  • home to various turtles and frogs
  • uncommon plants include Round-leaved Sundew, Rose Pogonia and Pink Moccasin Orchid
  • site of an Osprey nesting platform built by Rotary volunteers in 2001

Visit this Nature Reserve

Best time to visit: spring and summer. Note: hazardous conditions on ponds in winter.


Most easily accessible by canoe from Sparrow Lake. By road from Orillia, follow Hwy 11 North to South Sparrow Lake Road. follow to Torpitt Road and continue for 15 km +/-. Reserve is located off Orimat Road, (a private cottage road), but can be accessed by hiking 2km +/- if gate is closed. Look for Conservancy sign.

The following map directs you on where to park. You will have to walk up Orimat Rd to access the property.