Bass Lake West

The Couchiching Conservancy has identified the Oro Moraine as one of its areas of strategic interest. The Oro Moraine is a prominent natural environment stretching from Highway 400 to Bass Lake, consisting primarily of forests and a few key wetlands. The Moraine was created during the last ice age when huge volumes of silts, sands and gravels were deposited in this area. The Moraine is ecologically important because of the significance of the forest interior habitat, which is key for the wildlife and plants. Along the edge of the Moraine, there are a number of key wetland areas and water drains to Lake Simcoe, Severn Sound and Nottawasaga Bay. Because the moraine has a filtering effect, the water moving through it is thought to be exceptionally clean.

The Oro Moraine is a key area for nature observation, spring wildflowers, hiking, mountain biking. The Ganaraska Trail cuts through the whole length of the moraine and provides many hiking and nature observation opportunities.

In addition to accepting donations of land in this area, the Conservancy encourages protection of the Oro Moraine through private stewardship activities, conservation easements and land management. The Conservancy also led a community stewardship program in the Copeland Forest and assisted in the formation of the Copeland Forest Friends.

Nature Reserves (NR) in this Area:

  • Grant's Woods NR
  • East Coulson Swamp NR
  • Elliott Woods NR
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