Acres: 87

Status: Open to the Public, with trails

Donors: private family

Landscape: Bass Lake West / Oro Moraine

Partnership: Couchiching Conservancy has assisted with management.

The family donated this special property set within the forested hills of the Oro Moraine to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. An additional 7 hectares were purchased to consolidate a large block of forest habitat around the Reserve by linking to adjacent properties owned by the County of Simcoe and the Orillia Fish and Game Conservation Club.


Landscape and Species:

  • part of the East Coulson provincially significant wetland is located within this property
  • surrounded by upland forest as well as headwaters for the Coldwater River
  • important to the water recharge of the Oro Moraine
  • home to forest interior birds such as Scarlet Tanager, Wood thrush and Black-throated Green Warbler
  • nesting area for Red-shouldered Hawk
  • vernal pools provide ideal conditions for many species of frogs and salamanders
  • good diversity of vascular plants and butterflies

Location: From Orillia, take HWY 12 N and turn left onto 15 Line N. Then right onto Bass Lake Side Road. There is a โ€œjogโ€ at 13 Line N (turn left and then right back onto Bass Lake Side Rd). Follow until you come to the closed Line 9 parking area at the side of the road. Park at the big steel gate.