Acres: 47

Status: Not Open to the Public

Protected: January 14, 2023

Donors: Ron & Sharon Hancock

Landscape: Oro Moraine

Active naturalists, conservancy supporters and volunteers Sharon and Ron Hancock have owned this property since 1979.

Over the years the Hancocks have worked to steward their property with care. Plantations of white spruce and white pine were conducted with guidance for the MNRF. Environment Canada installed an acid rain monitoring station and there is a collection of rare plants (not included in the easement) that make up an arboretum. Eventually they chose to take the next step in their conservation journey by donating a conservation easement on this property lovingly referred to as 'The Hermitage'.


Landscape and Species:

  • The Oro Moraine is known for providing some of the world’s cleanest drinking water and the property is recognized by the municipality as an important water recharge area;
  • Gentle watershed divide, with some surface water running westwards  eventually into the Bass Lake Swamp Provincially
    Significant Wetland. Surface water which flows eastwards provides inflow to the Marchmont Swamp Provincially Significant Wetland;
  • The property is in the mid-successional stage of reforestation and two stands of black ash swamp, a habitat type being tracked by the Ontario Ministry of Natural
  • At risk birds that call this forest home include Eastern meadowlark, Whip-poor-will and eastern wood pewee;
  • Large mamals include Coyote, Black Bear and White-tailed Deer;
  • Smaller mamals who call this nature reserve home include mink, ermine, raccoons and skunk
  • Plant species include Butternut trees, staghorn sumac, and multiple milkweeds that bring in Monarch butterfly.