Acres: 304

Status: Open to the Public, no Trails

Protected: October 29, 2010

Donors: Purchase was made possible through the Carden Acquisition Fund, Lou and Judy Probst, the Government of Canada Natural Areas Conservation Program,  the EJLB Foundation, and many generous individual donors. 

Landscape: Carden Alvar

This nature reserve is located in the northern portion of Carden, within the core area of high quality alvar.  it  is a mix of open alvar/limestone pavement*  complexes, wetland thickets, and confierous forests, all in excellent condition.

*Note that  limestone pavement is a natural karst landform consisting of a flat, incised surface of exposed limestone that resembles an artificial pavement.


Landscape and Species:

The property is owned and managed by The Couchiching Conservancy, with the stewardship assistance of the Carden Field Naturalists, particularly Tom Wilson.  It added a significant alvar habitat to our protected natural areas within a specially designated Area of Natural or Scientific Interest (ANSI). Wolf Run Alvar contains several types of globally rare grassland and shrubland alvars, and numerous rare species of flora and fauna continue to be documented on the property. The extensive wetlands also perform a vital role in recharging groundwater in the limestone bedrock, via small streams flowing through the grykes  (cracks and large fissures in the limestome) around the wetland edge.  


*Due to the remoteness of this location, visitors should coordinate their visit with staff. Please contact the office.* 

Wolf Run Lane is an unopened road allowance.  As of the summer of 2020,  it has washed out, and visitors need to park on the side of Lake Dalrymple Road and walk in.

Wolf Run Alvar is land-locked, and surrounded by private land that we do not have permission to visit.  Unless you have already visited the property before and know your way in, you must visit with a guide.

There are no trails or markers within the property. Use at your own risk. Take water and have a GPS unit that you can operate.

Stewardship Walk - November 2014