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The Greening of Ontario’s Aggregate Industry

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new voluntary standards for the aggregate industry by the Cornerstone Standards Council is welcome news for communities struggling to cope with pits and quarries. The region around Orillia already has dozens of these operations in the limestone bedrock areas of Carden, Ramara, and Severn, and in the gravel areas on the Oro Moraine. A recent provincial review has identified this region as a major source area for future aggregate supplies, so the potential conflicts associated with this industry are only going to grow.

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Bird Watching: Tufted Titmouse

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Tufted Titmice are members of the Paridae family of birds and are close relatives of Chickadees. They look and act much like them, although they are a little larger, don’t have a black cap, but they do have a gray crest on their head. They have gray under parts and rusty coloured flanks. I knew I would recognize one when I saw it!