The Heartwood Fund

FOREVER is a long time

We have set out to preserve the natural features of the Couchiching region for generations to come. Founded in 1993, the Couchiching Conservancy now protects more than 13,000 acres of land and has established itself as the leading land trust in Ontario. We continue to expand our protected areas each year. This work demands more than short term commitment. Our responsibility to future generations includes ensuring the sustainability of our efforts.

Changes are inevitable over generations: the ups and downs of the economy, changes in government policy and support, challenges of conserving land against development and abuse, the challenge of finding appropriate responses to climate change, the challenge of mobilizing volunteers to monitor and protect properties in all parts of our region. Whatever the difficulties that arise over the years, we need to be prepared to meet them. That’s why it’s vital to work now to ensure there will always be a secure core which guarantees the Couchiching Conservancy is ready to rise to the challenges, whatever they may be.

To that end all of our past presidents have come together to create the Heartwood Fund – a “forever” fund, a protected endowment whose income is dedicated to supporting the core of the organization.

For more information on the Heartwood Fund and how you can help, follow these links:

By supporting The Couchiching Conservancy, these Heartwood Fund Contributors will have a major impact on our landscape. Read their stories and see a list of people who have pledged to the Heartwood Fund.

How you can help build a legacy

At the same time as we build the Heartwood Fund, we must make sure donations continue to support the Conservancy’s current expenses and land purchases. For that reason we will build this endowment – with a goal of $10,000,000 – primarily through legacy contributions: wills, insurance, other long-term investment vehicles that people can contribute with the future in mind.

To help you decide what your best planned gift is, download our gift matrix. With the right financial tool in place, you have the power to make a difference across the generations.

How to leave a living legacy

Want to learn more about planned giving and leaving a living legacy? Watch our informative video. Special thank you to Peter Dale for producing this video and to Heather Elliott, Lou Probst and Gord Ball for contributing.

Heartwood Fund: Exceeding Goals

Read about a milestone that we reached in May of 2013, or watch a video of the announcement. The Heartwood Fund, formed by the Past Presidents Council, is an endowment fund established to support the operations of the Couchiching Conservancy. The fund is exceeding the goals that we set for each year.