Heartwood Fund Contributors

The following people have made pledges and contributions to the Heartwood Fund. We are grateful.

Ackert, John & Joy

Agnew, Sandy & Lynne Melnyk

Ball, Gord & Jane

Bam, Homi & Linda

Bigelow, Cameron & Linda

Careless, Philip

Christie, Douglas & Barbara

Crooks, Timothy & Rosaleen

Gauldie, Heather

Hallman, John & Marg

Hancock, Ron & Sharon

Homer, David A. & Bonnie

Johnson, Shirley

Kenny, Maureen & Jim (James) McDonald

Kirby, Mary Lou

Laver, Paul & Frances

Leask, Robert & Beverley

Lowry, Wendy & Si

Massig, Cathy

McCrindle, Sandy

Moore, Ginny

Neville, Lisa

Ormerod, Bob & Allison

Powell, Jamie & Valerie

Reid, Ron & Grand, Janet

Rosebush, Joan & John

Ross, Jamie & Anne

Russell, Lynn

Stephen, Marcia

Sullivan, Bob & Wendy

Tangney, Michael & Norma

Thiess, Isabelle & Gary

Thomson, Adam & Shirley

Thomson, Ken & Corinne

Walton-Ball, Mary

An additional seven pledges/contributions have opted to remain anonymous.