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Nature Deficit Disorder – we can fix this!

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As parents, we are constantly bombarded with all the things that we must be doing wrong. Blame and finger pointing is prevalent. There is even a trendy new label for this crisis of disconnect and inactivity – “Nature Deficit Disorder” – and the reported long-term effects of this syndrome are frightening.
But, here is the good news: we can fix this. We can turn it around. It is not too late.

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Life on the inside: Forest interiors

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Several hundred years ago, lush, green forests covered almost all of southern Ontario. The forests were made up of trees of various species, sizes, and ages with shrubs and woodland flowers underneath. Wildlife abounded in these wooded areas. There were few openings in the forest canopy except where weather systems had downed trees or where native grasslands thrived.

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The Black-capped chickadee

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The Black-capped chickadee, the species found in our area, has been described variously as sociable, industrious, agile, inquisitive, gregarious, trusting and acrobatic, and while they are all true, none of these adjectives fully describe this little bundle of cheerfulness.