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American robin; a welcome spring visitor

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American Robins are members of the Thrush family, which also includes Eastern Bluebirds, and like other members of the family they are one of the first of our backyard birds to set up house and raise a family. In just a few days after their arrival back in our area from their migration, the nest building begins. Some individuals will build in the same location as long as they live and then other members of the family will continue the tradition. The bracket attaching a coach light to our house has been a nesting location for Robins since we built the house many years ago. A pair of Robins may have three different broods each year, raising 3-5 young in each brood. Females incubate the eggs for about 14 days. Both parents will feed the young.

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East Coulson Swamp Nature Reserve

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Every piece of land has a story. Sometimes it’s a tale of fortunes made and lost or historic efforts great and small.
For green spaces, sometimes it’s a story of overuse and recovery but often it is a celebration of dedicated individuals who cherish the natural values of the land. This is one of those stories.

The red-shouldered hawk was once common in southern Ontario, but suffered a decline several decades ago. Through conservation efforts this magnificent raptor has made a strong comeback.

Its recovery owes much thanks to famed author Margaret Atwood, who donated 87 acres of wetland and woodland near Bass Lake in Oro-Medonte Township to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.