Go on an adventure with Molly and Meegan

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Molly, and all people, have the right to swim in clean water, explore a variety of natural settings and to hug trees that have been around longer than any of us will be.

The beautiful wetlands, forests and alvars remain protected thanks to on-going support from people like you. And for that, I thank you. When the environment is nurtured and cared for, we all benefit.

My name is Meegan Scanlon and I was born and raised in Orillia. My family and I are avid outdoor enthusiasts. We have a strong belief that for all the joyous, self-affirming and challenging moments Mother Nature gives us it is our responsibility to return the favour.

This is the example my husband and I want to set for our daughter Molly. Our local environment shapes children’s understanding of how they are to interact and coexist with the natural world. I want to be able to teach Molly through everyday experiences the standards of care we need to show.

You make that possible.

The vast and varied ecosystems surrounding Orillia, some of which can only be found in a handful of places around that world, need to be given a strong and well-supported voice so as to set an example for those to come.

In partnership with The Couchiching Conservancy, we created a special video on How to Make Friends with Nature. You can watch the video by clicking the play button in the video below. We hope that you enjoy it!

A note from Development Coordinator, Tanya Clark:

A very special thank you to Meegan Scanlon for being a friend of nature and supporter of The Couchiching Conservancy. Thanks to her daughter Molly for doing such a great job in the video. Also thanks to Angie, Avery, Jack and Vivian, Allison, Ryan and Zadie for being a part of the How to Make Friends with Nature video.

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