Turnbull Ranch

Join us in celebrating our newest addition!

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of seven small but mighty acres to The Conservancy roster.

These seven acres build on the Turnbull Ranch Nature Reserve, originally a conservation easement protected in December 1999 and later donated fully to the Conservancy by Carolyn and Neil Turnbull in December 2014.

In June 2022 the City of Kawartha Lakes approached The Conservancy with a question – would we like to take ownership of part of a road allowance? It turned out one of our neighbours was interested in farming his share, so we had the option to take our share. We jumped at the opportunity and the process began.

Purchasing a road allowance is a little different from our usual donation or purchase scenarios. We had to wait on advertising the change, public hearings, and a city bylaw before we could pull the trigger. All important for community input, which we fully support.

Seeing no opposition, on June 23rd 2023 we became the proud guardians of not only the road allowance that runs on the north side of the reserve, but also the allowance that runs through the middle of the reserve, which for a conservation area is truly significant.

Modern conservation is moving away from species-specific programs to landscape level protection. Working hard to protect an entire habitat for all species within it to thrive, not only those that are endangered. An essential part of this is stopping land from being divided. Every division segments habitat, stops the flow of migration and genetic diversity; even footpaths have an effect.

Adopting this land fit our mission like a glove. By taking possession of a road allowance we can erase arbitrary lines drawn on the landscape for future development all while ensuring Turnbull Ranch’s wild residents are not disturbed.

All this is good news is thanks to our supporters. Their on-going support makes projects like this possible. Donations to the Corridors Campaign from people and businesses who believe in our mission to protect nature enables a strong organization that can act when opportunities arise. Thank you.

We invite you do to a happy dance for the Prairie Smoke, Black Bears, Grasshopper Sparrows and many more who call Turnbull Ranch home.

Featured photo: Turnbull Ranch Nature Reserve. D. Hawke.