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15th Annual Carden Challenge

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This weekend! Birding, biodiversity, binoculars…these all come together in the 15th annual Carden Challenge, an event in support of our conservation efforts of the Carden Alvar. The Carden Challenge will take place from Friday, May 24 at 6:00pm to Saturday, May 25 at 6:00pm. The goal of the Carden Challenge …

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Notes From The Field – Fall 2018

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On Sunday December 2nd from 1:30 to 4 pm, we’re going to take over the basement of the St. Paul’s Centre and hold an event for all of our monitoring teams (including General Property Monitoring, Water Monitoring, Whip-poor-will surveys, and Reptile & Amphibian monitors).   *Please RSVP*   Contact Dorthea by phone (705) 326-1620 …

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Carden Challenge Raises Over $23,000

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Nearly 50 local birdwatchers topped off the busy month of May by participating in the 12th annual Carden Challenge, an event that combines skills, tenacity, and friendly competition for a good cause. The combined efforts of eleven participating teams raised over $23,000 in pledges and donations for the Carden Alvar programs of the Couchiching Conservancy.

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Protecting our lake’s lifelines

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Headwaters are like the foundation of a building, and if they are compromised, so is the entire watershed. If the headwater stream stays cold year-round, it is of primary importance because it provides the larger, lower portions of the river with a steady base flow of clean water.

We have a group of volunteers testing these headwaters through a Water Quality Project.

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Protecting a Species at Risk on the Carden Alvar

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The Couchiching Conservancy, along with partners such as Earth Rangers, have been tackling threats which endanger Bobolinks. One of the greatest threats relevant to Carden is loss of critical grassland habitat. As southern Ontario becomes intensely developed, prime Bobolink habitat is at risk. Ecosystems within the Carden Alvar remain as a sanctuary where conservation efforts can be focused in order to preserve this critical bobolink habitat.

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Exploring and learning on the alvar

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Each year hundreds of people head to the Carden alvar in droves. They are drawn by the landscape and species, but also by two special events hosted by The Couchiching Conservancy featuring the alvar and taking place in late May and early June – Carden Challenge and Carden Alvar Nature Festival.

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Continuing to bring key habitat under protection

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One of the organization’s key goals is to move beyond isolated islands of green by linking protected areas to create critical masses of natural habitat with connecting corridors.

In other words: bridge building.

For years now, the Conservancy has been at work with various partners on the Carden Alvar to protect this globally-rare ecosystem. The alvar — a limestone plain with shallow soil or no soil at all — lies just east of Lake Dalrymple and it has garnered interest around the world. Protecting it would be a good thing, but if it is isolated with no solid linkages to the northern shield territory, it will be devalued.

The Carden Alvar…”a bit north east of here”

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The Carden Plain is part of the “Land Between,” an area bordered by the Canadian Shield and Great Lakes Lowlands. An alvar is characterized by a limestone base with a small or no amount of soil. The birding in this area is world renowned and it is recognized as an Important Birding Area. Also, it supports unique plants that adapt to the harsh conditions of wet springs and very dry summer conditions. An open alvar vista in bloom will take your breath away with its delicate, harsh beauty.