Acres: 654

Status: Open to the Public, no Trails

Owned by: Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Landscape: Carden Alvar

This 654-acre parcel is owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and co-managed with the Couchiching Conservancy. This property adjoins the 678-acre Prairie Smoke Alvar, also owned by the NCC; these two properties are now managed under a single plan.


Landscape and Species:

    • Globally rare alvar habitat is prevalent, showing as bare limestone pavement, conifer shrub and sedge meadow alvar habitat types;
    • Plants, birds and insect species unique to Ontario are commonly found throughout this reserve.

Access is via a walking trail at the Carden Recreation Centre, or from the Prairie Smoke Alvar parking lot on Lake Dalrymple Road. Trails are not well marked; use caution if venturing to the interior of this reserve.