Acres: 86

Status: Open to the Public, no Trails

Protected: May 19, 2005

Donors: Gladys Leslie

Landscape: Black River Wildlands & Carden Alvar

Mrs. Gladys Leslie of Toronto, who had owned the property with her late husband for over 50 years, donated this wetland property to the Conservancy in 2005.


Landscape and Species:

  • an excellent example of mature Soft Maple swamp on a broad floodplain, with occasional specimens of Bur Oak and White Ash on rocky outcrops
  • part of the Head River canoe route; the section within Waterthrush Woods is slow-moving and can be paddled in either direction
  • in summer, the swamp has a vibrant understory of ferns and nettles growing on mucky soils
  • bird life is varied and abundant, most notably Northern Waterthrush, a species of warbler that specializes in wet woods

It is accessible only by canoe on the Head River, which winds through Waterthrush Woods from nearly a kilometer. The property also contains the outlet tributary from young Lake, and the lower reaches of the Cranberry River.


From the village of Sebright, travel east and north on Monck Road for approximately 3 km; turn left on Young Street and follow to the end. Canoes can be put on the river to the right; follow downstream and Conservancy signs mark the beginning of the reserve. Alternately, access Young Lake from the Dalton Community Centre; a Conservancy sign marks the southern edge of the Waterthrush Woods property.

Best time to visit: summer or fall